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Our Activities

Development of Orientation Activities for Farming and Cultivation

Availability of quality Seeds, Sufficient quatity of agro-related inputs, working capital and small-scale machineries are utmost importance for farmers to assure optimizing productivity and better quality farm output. As a the priliminary stage, Sufficient Working Capital is required for small-scale farmers in order to gain maximizing yield and better quality. As of now, we support not only finance for production but also Quality Seeds , Diesel and Agro Chemicals such as Urea, TSP, Potash are absolutely necessary for farmers so as to maintain substainable incresed productivity and output quality. And Farmer need to pay just 2% interest for their loans.

Initially support of agri- loan, pure seeds and other agro input has been more effective and helpful for local farmers. This pattern started from 2009 to 2012. Gold Delta provided interest 2 per cent for short term crop loan up to one year. The aim of 2% per cent collected from farmers was to cover for employee service cost and 25 % portion from 2% interest to be contributed to Rural Community Development Activities.

Table of Supporting Agricultural Loan and Other Agro-inputs to Farmer for Production

Seasonal CropFiscal YearProvided AcresNo Of FarmersLoan Amount (Million Kyats)
Moonsoon Paddy Cultivation Season2009-2010359294297644.1
Moonsoon Paddy Cultivation Season2010-20114582264902335.1
Moonsoon Paddy Cultivation Season2011-20126041668673013.8
Summer Paddy Cultivation Season2009-201085731849548.6
Summer Paddy Cultivation Season2010-2011285663024884.2
Summer Paddy Cultivation Season2011-2012000
Balck Matpe Cultivation Season2009-20103900079881365.0
Balck Matpe Cultivation Season2010-20117202985552160.9
Balck Matpe Cultivation Season2011-20127091979452127.6
Total 361,254.0047,015.0013,079.30

In order to be more successful in agricultural development, agri-loan support has been diversified with Contract Farming Pattern starting from 2012-2013 crop year. In the agreement with Gold Delta and local Farmers, supporting of short term crop loan and other agro input has been given on sown acre basis before growing time. Farmers sell back the paddy which equal an amount of crop loan in accordance with market price. The price agreed by the time of crop loan is not to weigh very concern to farmer because Gold Delta purchases the paddy with agreement price even though market price is lower than agreement price.

Seasonal CropFiscal YearProvided AcresNo Of FarmersLoan Amount (Million Kyats)
Moonsoon Paddy Cultivation Season2012-20131780932571079.1
Moonsoon Paddy Cultivation Season2013-201491932173722.5
Moonsoon Paddy Cultivation Season2014-201556031312588.8
Moonsoon Paddy Cultivation Season2015-20161025022031056.9
Moonsoon Paddy Cultivation Season2016-201754511186579.3
Total 48,306.0010,131.004,026.60







Producing High Quality Seed

Gold Delta has been continuously emphasizing in production of high quality seeds. As the first stage, two varieties of high yield seeds which were purchased from Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation as the Registered Seeds, named Sin Thwe Latt and Maw Bi 2. Gold Delta produced the pure quality seeds from their own firms and then distributed to farmers as Certified Seed. Therefore, the farmers are able to use the high quality seeds.

Extensive Agricultural Analysis Survey

Gold Delta strongly believes that basic agricultural data sources, such as acres cultivated, ownership acre of each and every farmers, seasonal cultivation acres, seasonal crops and varieties of rice are utmost important not only to accomplish company’s objectives but also to thoroughly analyze the real needs for farmers. We therefore carried out preliminary onground survey analysis program in 263 Fields in our specialized area, Danubyu,on16-31August2009.

Soil Testing

The Result and information of the Soil Testing are very useful for the farmers. Thus, Gold Delta had tested the soil at 5 different places in Danubyu Township and had taken the soil sample and tested at MAS Laboratory. Gold Delta have shared the knowledge about “how to improve and maintain the soil “to farmers in order to obtain the high crop production.

Ongoing Activities for Mechanized Farming

At present Gold Delta is providing mechanized farming services to farmers with 20 fleet of New holland modernized tractors in primary ploughing and harrowing process before cultivation. Gold Delta also provides final harvest process service to farmers by combine harvester in terms of fast harvest and protect the crop damage from unfavorable weather, in our specialized area Danubyu and neighboring townships. Gold Delta is one of ideal mechanized service provider in Ayeyarwaddy Division, and our contract farmers are provided with very reasonable service charges. By doing primary ploughing and harrowing for Monsoon paddy cultivation, this process is going to have valuable benefits for farmers. In the other hand good assistance and sharing the knowledge to farmers would be getting effective and efficient pest control and readiness for Monsoon paddy cultivation time.

Education and Sharing Modernized Farming Practices

Gold Delta appointed agricultural team comprised of agronomists to have many years well experience in government service who have been involving to educate farmers for Good Agriculture Practice ( GAP) awareness and respective agriculture knowledge. Team has been conducting pilot projects together with local farmers and leading in land preparation, correct usage of chemical fertilizer, organic bio-fertilizers, selecting to quality seed and follow to raise bed sowing method. Among the farmers , Agri-Team’s leading role and highlights on quality seeds in present farming practices and the on-time and in-time using of fertilizers are very important to maximized productivity and better quality in harvest time. In order to have broaden access to related agri-knowledge, distribution of pamphlets and book for crop cultivation techniques to local farmers is most helpful to learn and follow up by themselves to encourage the high yielding products.

Research and Knowledge Sharing Activities

Gold Delta has been implementing the test cultivation project with PGC (Plant Genome Center Co., Ltd ) from Japan for one of famous Japonica Rice variety named Koshihikari, in Danuphyu area, Ayeyarwady Region.

PGC is the world’s leading Agricultural – biotechnology company focusing on safe, non-GMO Rice Breeding Technology to create new, high- yield, high quality rice variety.

Focusing is China, India and Africa which are world’s leading rice producers and consumers as the main target market. In this reason PGC is to find the best corporate partner in Myanmar for commercial production of Japonica Rice Paddy to meet the demand of overseas market in future.

Community Development Activities

In promoting of social wellbeing and economic wellbeing for rural farmers and their children, Gold Delta has been actively implementing Rural Community Development Activities - digging tube well in some area to get water resource, contribution of education development such as renovation primary schools and support of education aid for outstanding students, in addition to contribution of health care especially providing free medical treatment to eye patients by eye-care specialists and build up ecological framework for local people in Danubyu Township.

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Our Vision..

Our vision is to sustain our leading position and steadfastly improve Quality Driven Rice Supply Chain in Myanmar and to fulfill global food demands by exporting the surplus rice.

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